Volkswagen Community Trust


Volkswagen Community Trust’s Environmental endeavours consist of our programmes to cut back on energy consumption, recycle and spread the importance of environmental awareness.

We make an effort to invest in green technologies, support and donate to PE’s penguin centre, SAMREC; and to plant fruit trees to create environmental sustainability.

Think Blue

Our Think Blue way of thinking includes everything that helps our environment such as beach clean-ups, energy efficiency and being water-wise.

Here is one of the many successful Environmental programmes that VW Community Trust supports:

WESSA (Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa) Eco-School

The WESSA Eco-School is a national programme that began in South Africa in 2003 with a focus on Foundation for Environment Education (FEE).

The programme supports and encourages schools to teach learners in the classroom about the environment, environmental stability and how to incorporate environmental awareness not only in the schools, but also in the communities.

Since its establishment in South Africa in 2003, over 11 000 schools have adopted the programme, with over 6000 of them sustaining their environmental projects for 3 to 12 years.

VW Community Trust is very proud to be funding such a great environmental initiative for the children in school.

Here are the other Environmental projects that we support:

  • WESSA Eco-School
  • SAMREC Penguin Rescue
  • Lake Farm Environmental Clean Up
  • Algoa Road Environmental Clean Up