Volkswagen Community Trust

Community Trust Bursary Students Graduate

30 June 2019

The Children of VW bursary programme run by the Community Trust recently reached a milestone, when four beneficiaries of the programme became university graduates in April. The bursary programme, which offers bursaries to the children of VWSA employees, started its work in 2012 by funding 5 learners. These Grade 10 learners were moved from public schools to private schools, where they stayed until they matriculated. The second group of beneficiaries were selected in 2013, with the four university graduates being among this group. They were also the first to receive support from the bursary programme a university level. VWSA Director: Corporate and Government Affairs Nonkqubela Maliza congratulated the new graduates.

“These four graduates are living proof of the success that can come from empowering youth through quality education,” says Maliza.“The Volkswagen Community Trust is proud to have played a role in building their bright futures, and we intend to keep empoweringand supporting young learners through our various Education initiatives.”

The graduates had this to say:

Mzuvukile Mali: " Being a recipient of the Community Trust bursary has been such a life-changing experience. The support I received from VWSA has been overwhelming and it came so unexpectedly. It meant my family and I had no worries when it came to school and university fees, which made a huge difference. It also taught me a lot about responsibility and living by the quote: “To whom much is given, from him much is expected” - which pushed me to work hard, always give it my all and not let those around me down."

Siyabulela Goqwana: " The programme has exposed me to so many new possibilities by sending me to a private school. I got to experience something much more than I anticipated at such a young age."

Lonwabo Mkoko:" Being chosen as a recipient of the VWSA Community Trust bursary, it was not only heart-warming but it was a lifechanging opportunity for me, for which I am grateful and I took it with both hands. With the support of VWSA everything went accordingly to plan: from the adjustments such as having to adapt to change, they ensured that it all goes smoothly. Without their support I wouldn’t be who I am today."

Dennelicia Boneparte: " Upon receiving the VW Community Trust Bursary, my life changed tremendously for the better. I got the opportunity to get a top quality education. It allowed me to push myself more and grow as a person. Not many people in less fortunate communities are able to attend university, but I was one of the lucky ones and I could not have done it without the bursary."